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We create doors for the national and international market, on sale via a network of agents and resellers. ep-porte offers free consultations for the creation of customised doors, to produce unique pieces.


ep-porte is kept up-to-date thanks to more than ten years of partnership with outstanding architects, designers and planners. A collaboration that allows us to work better, to create new solutions, new innovative and refined proposals.

Project Studio AM Architects Daniele MONDIALI

Project by the architect Daniele MONDIALI.
All Filoparete doors of this villa have been painted on site giving an aesthetic emphasis, between the shades of the door and the shades of the walls. The combination of shades, door, walls, lights, floors, has made every room of this villa unique, translating this proposal to the customer, in an aesthetically ultra-modern result. The stylistic research as well as the ecological awareness of the project have made our collaboration with the MONDIALI architect continuous for years.

Private villa project
Studio Associato Arch. Pergreffi & Arch. Scola (architects)

Supply of 35 “FILOPARETE” flush hinged and within-wall sliding doors, ivory in colour, with shiny polyester gloss lacquer.

With craftsmanship and following the indications of the architects tasked with the private project, we were able to reach our goal, that of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Our doors contributed to making this project unmistakeable and avant-garde.

Project from the architect Pietro Mario SCARSI

Superb villa overlooking the hill of Monasterolo del Castello, on Lake Endine in Val Cavallina, province of Bergamo.

For this project, “FILODOPPIO” model doors were used, with a door thickness of 10.5cm, coplanar on both sides of the wall.

For this project, the architect included all doors at 240 cm high, in shiny polyester gloss lacquer, light grey in colour.

Stand at trade fair 

Our doors without jambs and without architraves, the “FILOPARETE” model,
with elegant glossy polyester lacquer finishes,
are now also available in other brand new and on-trend finishes,
together with the SUPER PLATINUM model.
These photos were taken at a TRADE FAIR prior to the pandemic and this was our STAND.


Private apartment in Rome

Project with architect PETTI, Rome, with the technical supervision of Daniele CONI, for this fabulous apartment in Rome.
The project conceived by the architect PETTI envisaged full-height hinged and sliding doors, “Filoparete” or flush-to-wall model, in matt lacquer.

380 door project, developed with our American distributor

In this project, we supplied the counter frames for the “Filoparete” or flush-to-wall sliding doors, as well as the “Filoparete” swing doors.
The Designer for this project chose for all the doors to have the same height of 240 cm. For some apartments we supplied glossy polyester lacquered doors, for others a matt finish.
The “Jewel” is the tallest and most luxurious building in Saratosa Bay.
The technical assistance on this project was guaranteed by ep-porte.

Project developed in conjunction with our Israeli distributor

The project of this highly luxurious apartment in Tel Aviv was carefully curated by the Designer down to the last detail with an exceptional result. The “Filoparete” or flush-to-wall swing doors were made to the imposing height of 300 cm.
Sliding doors with a height of 240 cm were also included in the project, in versions featuring one door and two doors, both flush-to-wall.

Private home in a historic mansion from the 1800s

Restored farmhouse inhabited by a famous international contemporary painter, in Albano Laziale in the province of Rome.

Supply of all internal flush-to-wall doors in various heights and finishes.
The project is embellished by the unique works of the artist Roberta CONI.

Technical assistance on site, surveys, installation and project supervision, managed by Daniele CONI


Ultra modern villa in Tel Aviv

Resin floors, white walls, “Filoparete” flush-to-wall doors.
In this project, the architect wanted to reinterpret ultra-modern environments in a unique style. The matt white lacquered doors give a new life to the premises, creating a single unifying thread.

At 240 cm, the height of the doors establish a new customised style, designed by the architect for the project.


The supply of doors for this prestigious project comprised the “FILOPARETE” flush-to-wall model, white in colour, and finished in glossy polyester lacquer.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the architects for the trust they have placed in us again, for this new, important, and prestigious 2021 project.

The photos show the doors in their cardboard packaging in the wooden crates, and loading of the order onto the truck prior to departure.

Project with the architects of Studio Associato Magni and Craca

In this project, commissioned by the Honegger Foundation, extensive emphasis was placed on colours and the colour combinations of the doors.
The “FILOPARETE” flush-to-wall door is already a door which in itself astonishes, and creates a new way of reinterpreting interior design.
In this context, the Architects have given additional new life to the word door, expanding the very concept.