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To face the market with increased chances of success, it is necessary to be prepared, investing time in expanding the knowledge and desires of customers. Studying your product and improving it every day, this is our goal… the ep-porte objective.

FILOPARETE 2021 brochure

After a stormy 2020, a new project is born, “FILOPARETE 55”, combining proven construction and aesthetic techniques with a new, contemporary and technically revolutionary approach, offering reversibility, without inconvenience or problems.

GENERAL Catalogue

Classic offerings with the usual quality, new ideas for furnishing, doors that perfectly echo their surroundings like music, designer objects – suitable for incorporating into any interior style, modern or classic. New doors that furnish and will accompany you as you experience your home in a new way.

FILODOPPIO catalogue

This is a door that will astound you with its precious reflections. On both of its totally flush sides, “FILODOPPIO 105” is an avant-garde door that creates a new look for the interior of your home.

FILOPARETE catalogue

With its unique style, able to complement any interior style from ultra-modern to classic, “FILOPARETE” takes centre stage, changing the way you think about doors.


Modern and classic minimalism, with these refined designer objects. PLATINO SUPER, doors that create a lasting impression in your home and in your life – one that you will experience every day together with your loved ones.


The ep-porte philosophy has always been distinguished by the desire to create distinctive and cutting-edge products that reflect the life vision and personal values of its Clients.

FILOPARETE 2021 brochure

(with pictures)

Let’s take a look at what’s new as 2021 gets underway. Reinforcing innovation with images and accelerating development is our priority. We all need to reposition ourselves quickly… before others. Images help us in this and also to improve our product and our service.

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