Designer Italian doors


Thanks to many years of experience in the world of design and doors,
ep-porte is firmly established as a leading brand in the sector.
At the forefront in the creation of high quality technical solutions.

ep-porte has always collaborated with experts, architects, designers and planners.
This allows the creation of new, refined, elegant solutions.
ep-porte works to establish itself as a leading company on the national and international market.
We are contributing to ensuring that Made in Italy reaches the global market.


Design meets efficiency

Doors suitable for any interior style, modern or classic; doors that always manage to enhance their surroundings.

Unmistakeable and avant-garde products

ep-porte has always had a clear vision: the company is highly focused on the creation of unmistakeable and avant-garde products. Doors that furnish, reflecting the way of life and personal values of our customers.

Innovative doors

ep-porte works to offer its customers a functionally modern and innovative product range.

Designer objects

Our doors are aesthetically beautiful – they are designer objects, suitable for any interior style.

Absolute reliability

We create products of exceptional value. Maximum reliability over time is guaranteed.

The height measurements

Filoparete ep-porte doors are characterised by their unusual dimensions. Interior designers can rely on us to bring maximum customisation and versatility to their projects. ep-porte is a world of Made in Italy style and quality.


The network of agents and resellers

ep-porte maintains a presence throughout Italy and internationally with a network of agents and resellers. The story of its achievements is the story of the commitment of women and men who have collaborated with ep-porte to achieve these objectives.

Ongoing projects

Years of experience

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